Alexander Nikolski

Alexander Nikolski
Alexander Nikolski, born in Kemerovo 1984. Graduated as social psychologist, also studied in Kemerovo State University of Culture and the Arts and «FotoDepartament». Leads a course in project-based photography.
Selected exhibitions as participant: XIII Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale «Negotiators», Makers of Siberia Photo Prize, «Event of Presence» within the festival of contemporary arts «48 Hours Novosibirsk», «Presence» 2019, «Routine Extracted» (Centre for Culture CC19).
Publications: F. Magazine on contemporary photography, #Rechport,, The Calvert Journal.
Artist Statement
I feel attracted to forms that seem simple, but hide unfolding levels of complexity. Raw, coarse, unframed physical space filled with moving and unclassified forms — those are objects and metaphors of the unconscious.

Once I started with common visual shooting, my interested started to develop into a search of relations between subjective processes and internal dynamics of space. Processes when repressed, invisible or something out of any significance suddenly ooze on surface of visible reality.

Photography is a handy and flexible material with indefinite boundaries, which is suitable at its best to talk of things that do not have any name.

Key projects
Viscous transparent resin
Victory Park
Installation views
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