Alexander Anufriev

Alexander Anufriev
(b. 1988) Alexander Anufriev is a Moscow-based photographer. He studied photography in Moscow Rodchenko Art School at Igor Moukhin's 3-year documentary programm, 2014 to 2017. Since his graduation Alexander closely work with international magazines. He got several prizes and honorable mentions in photography like: winner of Sony World Photography Awards (2017), Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards (2017), finalist of LensCulture Exposure Awards (2017) and Photo Annual Awards (2017, 2018).
Artist Statement
Alexander Anufriev works on a projects describing and analysing social landscape of contemporary Russia. His images are grotesque, speculative and full of farce. But this is his own "propaganda", based on three pillars: criticism, absurdity and props. And resulting sharp images are always somewhere between document and metaphor, demonstrating and revealing symptoms of time.
Key projects
Installation views
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