Alexander Bondar

Alexander Bondar
(b.1982) I finished press photography school in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 2008 but never worked as a press photographer. Since 2007 I work on personal photography projects using documentary and street photography style. Over the years I participated in educational programs for photographers and art courses, organized by Fotodepartament foundation (Saint Petersburg) and ROSFOTO (Saint Petersburg), participated in international photography and bookmaking workshops in Saint Petersburg, Latvia, Turkey and Denmark. In 2017 I graduated from the MA program in J.E. Purkyne University in Usti and Labem, Czech Republic and was on a student exchange program in Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in Poland in 2014-2015. I prefer the book form to present my project and am really fond of making books. Since 2016 I'm a part of the Zoopark Publishing Collective.
St. Petersburg

Artist Statement
I work mostly with photography, printed graphics and videos. My practice is closely connected with the city as the environment for the self-representation of its inhabitants, who perform their routines and leave traces on the multi-surfaced canvas of the city. Using documentary-style photography and video I try to observe the strategies of interaction with the urban space and I use printmaking, bookmaking and video editing processes for layering and sequencing the images.
Key projects
Installation views
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