Alexey Bogolepov

Alexey Bogolepov
(b.1985) Alexey Bogolepov is an artist currently living and working in Saint Petersburg, Russia. His work comprises architectural photography, sculpture, video and installation in a broad exploration of modernism both in the post-Soviet states and worldwide. He is interested in making analytic art that produces political commentary on the subjects of power structure, ideology of space, planning practices and systemic vision.

St. Petersburg
Artist Statement
"I'm in the center of the photographic act from start to finish, recasting the object by spotlighting it in a new way. This means I generate the light that has not been encountered by the object before. In this case it's an assembly of flashes. Creation of new light is a routine ontological gesture, an instance of working with a material. It produces a new set up, a new configuration of circumstances."
Key projects
White Nights (2014-2016) (in PDF presentation)
«LOC (2014) (in PDF presentation)
Efficiency Ritual (2015) (in PDF presentation)
Interface/Container (2016)
Installation views
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