Anastasia Soboleva

Anastasia Soboleva
(b.1989) Kostroma, Russia.

Freelance photographer live in Moscow.
APXIV artist-resident.

Photos were published in Der Greif, Russia Beyond the Headlines, Hopes and Fears, Prosport magazine, Ostlook project, The Other Side of Europe, etc. Work with Aeroflot, VNIIZHT (Russian railways), Dialogue Dance school and company, Trends Brands, Frau Berg.
Artist Statement
Documentary photographer working with topics of power, limits and control. I prefer to work on the cross of documentary photography, contemporary still life and installation. In my recent works I research constructs of modern life, which are created by human's believes. I'm interested in creating art with multiple enters and exits, where the interpretation depends on the experience of the spectator.
Key projects
Installation views
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