Arseniy Neskhodimov

Arseniy Neskhodimov
Arseny Neskhodimov (1981) born in Samarkand, lives and works in Moscow. In 2003 he graduated from Institute of Culture (Kemerovo) BA in Photography and Cinema. Since 2008 he works as a freelance portrait photographer. Contributes with magazine such as Forbes, Snob, RBK, Esquire and others.
His personal works were awarded and shortlisted by numerous contests such as Silver Camera, IPA, Aesthetica Art Prize, Annual Photography Awards, Kuala Lumpur International Photo Awards, BIFA, International Photography Grant among the others.
In his works author touches upon issues of disillusionment and sense of alienation of the generation born in early 80s.
Artist Statement
Since I mostly take self-portraits, the main character of my photos is myself and my experiences. The choice to photograph the same character related to the fact that it is easier for me to record changes in my life, the end of one stage and the beginning of the next. Switching from one style to another. This is a kind of diary in which I try to convey a sense of confusion and uncertainty in the modern world where everything has already happened and in my opinion it is only getting worse. In my work, I no longer asking any questions because I don't have any answers to any of them.

Key projects
Body care
Safety Cards
Installation views and publications
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