Danila Tkachenko

Danila Tkachenko
(b.1989) Danila Tkachenko was born in Moscow in 1989. In 2014 he graduated from the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia, department of documentary photography (supervisor Valeriy Nistratov). In the same year he became the winner of the World Press Photo 2014 competition with the project "Escape" which he worked on for 3 years. In March 2015 he finished the project "Restricted Areas" which has already received a number ofinternational awards including European Publishers Award For Photography, Burn Magazine grant, and included in the Dutch magazine Foam Talents. The series was published in such magazines as BBC Culture, The Guardian, IMA Magazine, GUP Magazine, British Journal of Photography. Other series by Danila are "Lost Horizon" and the project "Motherland",completed in 2016 and 2017 year respectively. At the moment Danila Tkachenko is working on two projects which are being shot in a significant part of Russian territory and several neighboring countries.

Artist Statement
I am an artist who works with documentary photography. Countries in Central Asia and Eastern Europe serve as the basis for my works.

I am primarily interested in different social Utopia, I am fascinated by the medium of photography as a tool that can be used to identify and overcome social trauma.

I believe photography to be the most appropriate medium for my work. I am attracted by the opportunity that this tool affords me to focus on both conceptual and visual aspects. In addition, photography enables me to apply other art practices, such as land art, installation and action art.

Before an actual shoot, I start my work with painstaking preparation, consisting of research on the Internet, a search for contacts with informed individuals and the receipt of all manner of possible documents and permits required to perform the shoot. Then I do a great deal of work to prepare the site for the shoot and create installations. It takes more than two years to complete each project.

I am interested in expanding the field of photography - with each new project I immerse myself more and more in the production of the image. During the shoot of my first project "Escape" intervention in the process was minimal. Now I am interested in assuming greater control over the image. I build the installations and I myself create the situations in the shoot, and also work on promising distortions.

I personally believe that photography has significant potential for development, research and the search for new forms of story telling.
Key projects
Installation views
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