Darya Vengerskaya

Darya Vengerskaya
(b.1999) artist, photographer.
In her projects, Daria analyzes public-state relations, works with collective memory and finds materials from social networks. Uses various techniques such as analog photography, hand collage, scanner.

Beyond the horizon, curator Nadya Sheremetova, FotoDepartment (2023-2024)
Exercise Route in Conceptualization, curator Yuri Gudkov, FotoDepartment (2023)
Photography, art and personal processes, curator Emmy America, X-media school (2022-2023)
Medium Education, Poetic Image (2022)
Photo in media, Rodchenko School, Moscow (2020-2021)
A. L. Stieglitz, Department of Monumental and Decorative Painting, St. Petersburg (2016-2020)

Selected group exhibitions 2022:
Flow, Supermatal, Moscow
Russian evil, Artists 24, Saint Petersburg
Group Exhibitions Marathon, Arts Square Gallery, Saint Petersburg
Nudity, Bergold Center, Saint Petersburg
Cluster Photography Fair, London
Retrospective exhibition, Surf Coffee x Gallery, Saint Petersburg

Badlon magazine, WEB
"The Darkest Hour" for Cap74024
Interview for print issue of Shilo Magazine 2

St. Petersburg
Artist Statement
My name is Daria Vengerskaya, I am an artist and I work with photography, collage, archival images and found materials. I film 35 mm and use mixed media techniques, work with textiles and Ai. For me it is important to use different techniques, expanding the conceptual correlations of the project.

My art practice is aimed at researching modern society through the prism of social networks (and platform for the second-hand items in Russia- Avito). I observe and analyse the transformations of society associated with certain historical events and how they relate to today's events. I study public-state relationship and how various factors, such as religion, propaganda, politics influence them.
Key projects
Installation views
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