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Attention Hub is a project-platform, that unites contemporary artists from Russia, whose practices lie in the fields of photography and visual art. Their work is developed in response of a global context and makes them stand out of the existing traditional pattern.

With our first news digest we share the most exciting news about AH! project and our artists. Below you will find instagram stories, forming the authors' narratives about their crucial and newest projects.
Fresh news about emerging Russian photography
The British Journal of Photography about Attention Hub
Attention Hub strives to reach its international audience and creates a bridge between the local art stream and the more broad international field. The British Journal of Photography has recently made a publication about AH! project, its aims and goals.
Maria Kokunova on Unseen Platform
Attention Hub's artist Maria Kokunova is featured on Unseen Platform with the premier of the Face project!

"Astutely translating emotional and psychological states into visual form, Maria Kokunova discards the external world and instead searches inward to create a deeply personal dialogue with herself."
© Hidegszoba studio
Anastasia Khoroshilova's "Once the see was here" at Hungarian Month of Photography 2018
Hungarian Month of Photography 2018 has recently ended in Budapest. Anastasia Khoroshilova's exhibition "Once the sea was here" became part of the festival's programme.

"The scene in Bezhin Meadow, a region in the Russian countryside, immortalized by Turgenev's story and Sergei Eisenstein's legendary film. This is where Anastasia Khoroshilova returns after twelve years to visit the locals she photographed in the early 2000s, who, back then, still harboured some hope about the future."
© Fotoforum Gallery
Ksenia Yurkova's "Spinebone Soup and Stuffed Rabbits" exhibited in Austria
From 22 November to 15 December Attention Hub's artist Ksenia Yurkova is having her solo exhibition Spinebone Soup and Stuffed Rabbits at Fotoforum Gallery, Innsbruck, Austria.

"Ksenia Yurkova's 'Spinebone Soup and Stuffed Rabbits' multimedia-project covers the biopolitical approach to an issue of food, especially on the specific sides as hunger and overconsumption, studied throughout conflict periods of history as well with a contemporary ideologic understanding of lifestyle, fashion, and well-being. It is implemented in mediums of post-documentary video, photography, installation and a cookbook, deconstructing familiar advertising aesthetics and conventional ways of representations".
© Antoine Guilloteau
Andrey Bogush's "We will have only a future tense" at Paris Photo and on Unseen Platform
Attention Hub's artist Andrey Bogush showed his new project We will have only a future tense which combines performance, text and is based on reading Jacques Derrida's work. The performance was held at Unseen Platform launch party within Paris Photo in November. The project was also premiered on Unseen Platform.
AH! artists' first-person instagram stories
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