Dmitry Pechurin

Dmitry Pechurin
(b.1992) is an artist primarily working with photography, sculpture, and installation, currently based in Moscow.

He graduated from the Moscow School of Contemporary Photography POLEZRENIYA (ex. Fine Art, the course of Katya and Vladimir Seleznev, 2020). His final project, «Nothing to be afraid of» gained recognition in publications like Calvert Journal,, Republic, and other online platforms.

He completed the author's photobook course at Rodchenko Art School (led
by Olga Matveeva and Jenya Yahina, 2021). Within this course, he crafted a photobook titled «Nothing to be afraid of» earning a spot on the Fotobookmarket award shortlist (Russia, 2021). The book was featured in fairs and zine festivals across various Russian cities.

Dmitry took part in the UDAR residence (Borovsk, 2021), hosted in a former
prison building, where he conceived the installation «Communication» in a cell designated for prisoners.

His ongoing project, «With love for the Motherland: methodological
recommendations,» made it to the shortlist for the PhMuseum grant program

Currently enrolled in Margo Ovcharenko's workshop, Dmitry is immersed in a project exploring the concept of time in the discourse of state media
Artist Statement
In his projects, Dmitry consistently analyses the relationship between
individuals and power, examining the dynamic between subjects and the institutions of the state.

His particular interest is focused on concepts such as identity and self-
identification, exploring what these notions encompass.
Dmitry poses questions such as:
— What methods are used to form a community and belong to a great culture.
— How does an individual justify oneself in the conditions of constant production of sacred symbols and patriotic practices.
Beginning with a personal project centred around an environmental disaster,
Dmitry progressively expands his scope to address more global issues in the
interactions between the state and individuals.
Key projects
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