Igor Samolet

Igor Samolet
Born in 1984, Russia, Kotlas.
Documentary photographer. The lead character of his works is a person hopping, making mistakes. The main theme of his creation is human relations. Working on projects for a long time and in personal places, the author reaches the necessary level of truth and openness and gets the possibility to see not only the joyful part of life. Igor is interested not in outer reasons of his characters' actions, but the nature of their intimate cravings and wishes.

Artist Statement
Nature of the human relationship is in its amplitude, from dramatics to comedy it attracts me and becomes a basic impulse of a picture creation. Professional soviet and post-soviet photography has always been afraid to approach and glance at a universe of private/family/intimate. This is consequences of a tough regulation of the private life of soviet citizens (even within the family) and of a photography usage as principal means of propaganda at the dawn of communism. Nothing personal, everything for the big Idea. This seems not obvious, but really modern Russia in its majority thinks by the collective mind, public, but not an individual happiness of the exact person. This particularly feels both in a social. and in a politic field. That is why when I refer to the "personal" topics, I hope that in the country of big projects, happiness of a little person takes its place. In the future. For sure.
Key projects
Installation views
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