Irina Ivannikova

Irina Ivannikova
(b.1986) studied at FotoDepartament Institute, Institute of Contemporary Art, Performance Art studio and Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. She works with various media including photography, performance and installation. Solo exhibition: FotoDepartament "Renovation" St. Petersburg (2017). Group exhibitions: Festival "Media Performance" ММОМА,
Moscow (2012), Performance Festival "Hopscotch" ММОМА (2013), Festival "Performance art" Moscow (2013), Multimedia Art Museum «Contemporary russian artists» Moscow (2013), Skolkovo gallery «Media-poetry machines» Moscow (2015),Electromuseum «Digital poet» Moscow (2015), Electronic Literature Festival «Decentering: Global Electronic Literature. This is not a utopia», Stiftelsen 3,14, Bergen, Norway (2015), FotoDepartament «Present is happening» St. Petersburg (2016), etc. Book: "Renovation" one book of the set AMPLITUDE №1published by FotoDepartament (St.Petersburg).
Artist Statement
I was thinking about the relationship between photography and performance and arrived to the idea that the definition of performative photography is more interesting to reveal through the absence of action and body of an artist or a model on the photography. In this case, we come very close to the line where the photography almost ceases to be performative. But reveals the ability of photography to capture the mental constructs of subjective states. And the smallest details pointing to the
phenomenological cast of subjective states and bodily experiences, extend the hang of the photography at the invisible feature of performativity.
Key projects
Installation views
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