Ivan Petrokovich

Ivan Petrokovich
(b.1991) Ivan Petrokovich was born in 1991 in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Currently residing In Moscow. Ivan Petrokovich is a multidisciplinary artist mainly working with photography and installation art.
In his works, Ivan mainly focuses on phenomenological approach to photographic medium and its conceptual possibilities while exploring themes of inherent fallibility of communication methods, fundamental instability of human existence, and its effects on individual and collective psyche. In 2017 he graduated of the Rodchenko Art School (Moscow, Russia) and the Gert Jochems workshop in 2013 (Yekaterinburg, Russia)


Artist Statement
IAll of human communication methods are inherently flawed, so all of our attempts to
understand each other, even those who are closest to us, are doomed to be merely
interpretations passing through hundreds of filters. While the world around us becomes increasingly more complex with frightening speed, instability of our perceived «reality» becomes impossible to ignore and the very notion of «understanding» grows elusive. The ambivalence, the ambiguity of message that was once considered a prerogative of poetry has now became an essential part of any public expression, and photographic medium is no different - from irrefutable document it transformed into a vast field with unclear boundaries, teeming with possible meanings.
Key projects
Installation views
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