Katya Yanova

Katya Yanova
Katya Yanova (1991)

2008-2014 LGU, design
2016-2018 FINE ART "Contemporary Photography. Practice of visual research" 2019-2020 Rodchenko Art School "Photography in Media"
2020-2021 Docdocdoc "Experience of contemporary photography" 2021-2024 Rodchenko Art School

Artist Statement
Artist working with photography, small sculptural forms, video, sound and installations.
Interested in the image of the modern man who experiences emotional instability. Liminal (transitional) spaces and states between stages of human or societal development. Often uses, is inspired by and reinterprets personal stories and events. As if being an indicator, emphasizes the problems, crises of his generation.
Key projects
Installation views
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