Marina Istomina

Marina Istomina
(b. 1993) is an artist working with studies of
memory, trauma and particularly with traumatic experience. As she is from Siberia, she creates the projects closely with local context and relevant Siberian issues.Her practice often based on interviews and archives, embodied through visual images. In 2015 she graduated in Cultural Studies from the Higher School of Economics (Moscow) and in 2019 she completed the course Experiences of Contemporary Photography at Docdocdoc School of Contemporary Photography (St. Petersburg).

She is a winner of The Calvert Journal Makers of Siberia Special Jury Prize (2019), the New East Photo Prize (2020) and the Competition Krakow ShowOFF Section at Krakow Photomonth Festival (2021). In 2020 Marina became a finalist of Blurring the lines, in 2021 she was nominated for FUTURES Talents 2021 She lives and works in Ust-Kut.
Ust-Kut, Irkutsk Oblast
Artist Statement
Photography is the main medium through which I explore Another. In this way, I think through the image, but go beyond it. Creating my own narratives, I want to provoke the viewer, mix the cards, hypnotize, confuse stories and plots, enter the territory of emotional, personal, turn the body, change masks and play different characters — I feel this is all about artistic energy, not about photographic. Usually I start with the private stories, small details, but after a while, the plot expands, small stories are becoming large, and this is a very important transition at which stories turn out common to different people. This is the stage where the viewer connects to the story — for this I create them.
Key projects
Installation views
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