Natalya Reznik

Natalya Reznik
Natalya Reznik was born in Perm (Russia) in 1981. On some of her projects (Virtual Acquaintances, A Stolen Archive of Otto Steiner) she reflects political and social issues of Soviet and Post-soviet Russia (emigration, problems of elderly people, politics of Russia in the Soviet time). Natalya's projects such as "Looking for my father" are more focused on her private family issues. In 2014 Natalya published her first photo book "Secrets" reflecting her own experience of emigration from Russia to Germany. One can describe the style of the project as a "magical realism". Her second photo book based on the project "Looking for my father" was published in 2016 and consists of the mix of real photographs from the album of her mother and collages made by Natalya herself. Her photo book "Hope" about her grandmother is coming soon.
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