Oksana Yushko

Oksana Yushko
Oksana Yushko is an award-winning photographer and visual artist, currently focusing on personal long-term projects in post-Soviet countries. Her approach combines journalism, sociology, and anthropology, while her practice includes photography, video, and installations. Her work has been published in the media and exhibited in galleries
throughout the world.


Artist Statement
Beauty will save the world. In his novel 'Idiot', when writing about beauty, Dostoevsky
meant the beauty of soul, a moral beauty. I believe that love in its wide sense is absolutely the most important thing in our life. Love and compassion can make us feel and think different. Globally, photography stopped changing the world. In a post-truth world mutual interests and confidential relationships are able only in tête-à-tête contact, when you are in touch with each other.
My photography is always about being in contact with people. And sometimes we can have an effect similar to the butterfly effect. There I feel the power of photography as an instrument. I do not consider myself to be a portrayer of conflicts, but I work with projects that reflect the political situation of the world. Many latest conflicts and events have fractured communities. Different opinions built barricades between them. The propaganda hurled by all sides has turned the myths into reality in people's minds. My goal is to get people to listen to each other and to think about what we can do to avoid conflicts and to achieve peace and love. Comparing but not confronting we combine different parts of the
whole and parts of our own life.
Key projects
Installation views
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