Olga Bushkova

Olga Bushkova
(b.1988) I was born and grew up in Rostov-on-Don, the southern city in the western part of Russia. I studied in the Rostov State University and have a master's degree in Applied Mathematics and Programming. Just right
after my graduation in 2011 I moved to Zürich, Switzerland, because my husband got a job in Google. Since then the small hobby of photography gradually started to dominate. In 2012 I participated in Alex Majoli
masterclass, which finally made me confident enough to call myself "a photographer" and opened up my obsessions. Starting from the masterclass I was working on two personal photo-projects: "A Google Wife" and "How I tried to convince my husband to have children". Since July 2013 I'm working in Switzerland as a Google Street View photographer. In 2015 together with my husband we produced a documentary movie
"Russian Tour". In 2016 both personal photo-projects reached the dummy-state. In 2017 a dummy book "A Google Wife" become a winner of Fiebre Dummy Award and was published by Dalpine, Spain.


Artist Statement
I grew up in Rostov-on-Don. I moved to Zürich in 2011. Since then I was preoccupied with big questions: who am I? am I a photographer? how can I convince my husband to have children? I was searching for answers by making photobooks: "A Google Wife" and "How I tried to convince my husband to have children". In the process I became a photographer and even a mother. I guess I use photography as an instrument to discover myself and coerce others.
Key projects
Installation views
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