Vladimir Seleznev

Vladimir Seleznev
Vladimir Seleznev (b. 1984) is an Israeli and Russian photographer and visual artist.

The most important part of his professional activity is devoted to long - term projects that are centered around issues of personal and social identity, social mythology, collective unconscious, as well as problems of suppressing personal self - awareness within various communities, from family to governmental systems.

In 2020, he published his first photobook " Oseyev " — a pseudo - documentary research of the typical residential environment of a contemporary metropolis that examines the collective myth of the new "city of the future" and visualizes the consumer demand of the "middle class". It also identifies problems of personal isolation and social discomfort within new urban areas.
In 2022, due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and intensification of repressive domestic policies, Vladimir Seleznev left Russia and is currently staying between Tel Aviv (Israel) and Tbilisi (Georgia).

Since 2018, before leaving Russia, Vladimir worked on a new project "Those who talk in the temple are consigned to sorrow and woe", in which he continues to study the socio-cultural aspects of Russian society. This time, he explores peculiar properties of religious self- awareness as contributing factor to social apathy, ressentiment, as well as the historical legitimization of despotism, authoritarian politics, repression, and external aggression by the state.


Artist Statement
I am an artist working with photography. In my projects, I try to comprehend issues of personal and social identity, social mythology, the collective unconscious.

Overall, I am troubled by what can be encapsulated in the term "metaphysical anxiety" – a natural apprehension of irrationality and unknowability of being. This encompasses various forms of expression, including religious and national self-awareness, the desire to align with a specific social group, consumerism, aggression, ressentiment.

I am fascinated by how people, aware of their finiteness, explain the external world to themselves, and how these explanations, whether seemingly benign or openly perverse, are legitimized, postulated and then become dogmas within different communities at different levels, from the family to the state.
Key projects
Installation views
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