Yury Gudkov

Yury Gudkov
(b.1990) based in St-Petersburg, Russia

The key aspect of Yury Gudkov's works is a thorough investigation the essence of the most non-obvious things. His interest in the premises the phenomena and processes can be seen regardless of the objects he works with: photography and appropriated images, video, books or installations.

His works has been exhibited since 2014. His solo exhibition "Keep an eye on what you see" took place in FotoDepartament Gallery in St. Petersburg, Russia. Solo show "Magnificent" held in 2016 during International Festival of Photography, Uglich, Russia. His project "MINE" was exhibited within the project NEMOSKVA in 2018.

His self-published artist book "Keep an Eye on what you see" was shortlisted at Unseen Dummy Award 2015 in Amsterdam; Athens Photo Festival 2016; Self Publish Riga 2016 in Latvia.

St. Petersburg
Artist Statement
In one of the interviews, B. Groys compared the contemporary artist to «a performer in a circus who travels around and shows one the trick everywhere».
«And if he jumps through a flaming hoop or rides a panther, it has nothing to do neither meaningfully nor thematically, nor ideologically with the city or an event where he jumps or rides». I think that my aim as one who deeply connected to Art is to reconcile meaning for the hoop, the panther, the city, the event and, perhaps, the artist.
Key projects
Keep an Eye on What You See (2015)
Magnificent (2015-2016)
Installation views
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