Anna Prilutckaia

Anna Prilutckaia
Anna Prilutckaia (1988) graduated courses of "Conceptual photography" in Krasnodar and then continued photography education in FotoDepartament Institude, Saint-Petersburg. She took part in collective exhibitions: "The Experience of Transition" in Saint-Petersburg and Kaliningrad; in photography festivals: Photovisa, Month of Photography Los Angeles; together with an artist Alyona Korolyova presented installations in Bergold center gallery, Saint-Petersburg. Anna writes texts about contemporary photography for Projection platform.
Artist Statement
Photography today is a mass communication tool, the easiness and accessibility of the image "in your pocket" reinforce the streams of camera clicks, it seems that the photography is swelling with its filling and can't stop. I see its plastic character, it's a flexible material with a non-uniform shape, although at first glance it's so easy to call its constituents: light, the way of its registration, optics. But in the theory and practice of photography there are no dividing boundaries, this absence is just a good filling, and as often happens we aren't talking about only photography.
Key projects
Installation views
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