Evgeniy Molodtsov

Evgeniy Molodtsov
(b.1987) Earned degree in economics at the National Research University – Higher School of Economics (Moscow). Spend one year in Italy studying the culture and economics at the Bologna University. In 2010 became the member of the Union of Photo Artists of Russia, in 2012 – the member of Russian Geographic Society. From 2012 live in Saint Petersburg. In 2015 gratuated the Fotodepartament.Institute (contemporary PostPhotography course).

St. Petersburg
Artist Statement
In his projects Evgeny Molodtsov researches the theme of self-identification and identity, lays out the identity of the nation to the images and symbols ("Via Garibaldi" project), studies how the basic attributes of Russian culture are transformed (project "Temple 200"), tries to identify itself through the appropriation of another's identity (project "Vepsian forest"), in the project "Linden" Evgeny returns to his ancestral home and explores the processes of severing intergenerational ties and disrupting the continuity of a particular territory. His works are multi-layered and often include not only photos and video, but also performances and installations, linked to a particular place.

The main question that the author raises in his projects - how through the study of identity, its de-/reconstruction and appropriation, to come to self-identification and understanding of how the identity is transformed in the new modern "network" society of "tourists", in which a person begins to experience significant difficulties in determining its connection to a specific geographical place.
Key projects
Installation views
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