Irina Zadorozhnaia

Irina Zadorozhnaia
(b.1982) graduated from acting and directing department of National
Theatre Cinema and Television University (Kiev, UA). In subsequent years, her activity has been associated with theatrical practices. She also studied photography at the FotoDepartament. Institute in St. Petersburg. Now she is a participant of the residence "Laboratory of Digital Arts".
St. Petersburg
Artist Statement
Irina Zadorozhnaia works with various media including simulations, installation, video and photography. Her artistic practice appeals to a possible interaction between real, virtual and hypothetical. What defines a person in the epoch of digital technologies when the latter provoke constant redetermination of a possibility and a reality. This case is not a simple dichotomy of person/machine, nature/artificial, but the search for a place where something ends and another thing begins. Detection of relations between models 'describing our feelings' and innovations.
Key projects
Installation views
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