Olya Ivanova

Olya Ivanova
Received BA in literature, 2004
Graduated from Institute of Contemporary Art (Moscow), 2014

Clients: New Yorker, Guardian, Bloomberg, Telegraph, Le monde, British Airways etc.

Featured in: Lens Culture, Conscientious, Landscapes Stories, Unless you will, Verve Photo, Feature Shoot, Capricious, Foto Room etc.

Artist Statement
I use my work to document and deconstruct nuances within Russian life. I focus on communities outside of urban centers, the work portrays the simultaneous expression of traditionalist and modern values within these communities, and the ways these values inform a larger sense of Russian identity.

Everyone goes to their roots, looking for a cultural identity. I'm interested in what this process looks like in Russia, where we have new wave of patriotism and the surge of national consciousness. I have photographed the most traditional part of Russian society — rural people celebrating Village Day. A festival of 'small homeland' and village life — a mixture of traditional ceremonies, legacy Soviet rituals and modern pop music. What do our roots look like? If I am Russian, who am I?

Key projects
Installation views
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