Sofya Skidan

Sofya Skidan
(b.1996) Sofya Skidan was born in 1996 in Ukhta, Russia. She graduated from Moscow's Rodchenko School of Multimedia and Photography,
St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television, as well as a professional yoga instructor. The artist works with a specific selection of materials, techniques and subjects to forge a relationship between Eastern spiritual practices and modern critical theory.
Artist Statement
In artistic practice, she researches ways of perception outward things as information, rethinking eastern philosophy, space`s aura, reflection on the speculative history, viewer`s visionary experience. She is trying to find the line between nature`s discourse and technogenic contemporary. Her artisticpractice center on new media theory, post- digital aesthetics, biomedia theory, and yoga philosophy as methods shift in the perception. Working with the different media artistsitespecific installations, using artifact of post-digital reality with nostalgic elements aboutlosing Nature`s landscape. Tapping into the complexities of postmodernity, Skidan raises questions around updated understandings of identity within today's technogenic culture, as well as the crisis of nature and the fast-approaching environmental tipping point in the age of the anthropocene.
Key projects
Installation views
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